2017-03-03 16:17

招聘单位对养老基金的董事会主席–由他在信中向Adrian Snibb Charles Cain表示,Adam Abel已经被任命为对养老基金董事会的主席,他自己喜欢一个人。这一步看起来不道德的两家运营商的snibbo金属紧固件应在招聘管理人员。另据Charles Cain介绍,新员工的资历和经验不足以弥补职务。 塑料配件–Adrian Snibb正在考虑改变供应商的一个在中国企业更具成本效益的选择包装过程。根据Adam Abel的说法,这一步似乎不道德,因为他认为snibbo金属紧固件应保持忠诚的供应商进行业务时,公司开始运营。不这样做将是一个放下塑料配件,这将是不道德的追求只涉及货币收益。


Hiring of Chairman of Board of Trustees of Pension Fund – As indicated by Charles Cain in his letter to Adrian Snibb, Adam Abel is said to have appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Pension Fund, an individual of his own liking. This step seems unethical as the two operators of Snibbo Metal Fasteners should be consulted with before hiring management staff. Also according to Charles Cain, the qualifications and experience of the new staff member do not complement the position.
Plastic Fittings – Adrian Snibb is contemplating changing the suppliers for the packaging process to a more cost effective option with a firm in China. According to Adam Abel, this step seems unethical as he believes that Snibbo Metal Fasteners should remain loyal to the suppliers that it conducted business with when the company began its operations. Not doing so will be a let down for Plastic Fittings and it would be unethical to pursue only the monetary gain involved.