business assignment代写:成员之间的合作

2017-01-18 11:46


下面的阶段可以被称为执行,这可能被称为集团发展进程的标志。这一阶段,团队成员中有有效的相互关系和团队真的遇到真正的协同作用对团队成立(布林格et al.,1995)。在这个阶段主要强调的是工作质量,团队领导正在努力利用团队的不同成员的全部潜力.。虽然,在某些情况下,这个阶段是在很短的时间内达成的,但对于目前的团队,因为它是由不同的成员,它花了一些时间来达到这个阶段。团队中的每个成员充分认识到优势和团队的不同成员的弱点,在这一阶段没有冲突的经历(公司&温克勒,2008)。所有的成员现在都与他们所代表的团队有着非常密切的联系,他们正以真正的动机和精神来完成团队的目标和目标.。

business assignment代写:成员之间的合作

Essentially the writer of this paper believe that during the norming stage the behavior of the group members that was competitive during the storming stage have now changed to cooperation and relationship between members of the group (MindTools, 2010). Although, some problems do arise with the passage of time as the group was striving for the accomplishment of its goals and objectives, however it did not take long for the members of the group solve such problems. In addition, the writer of this paper believe that the criticism that was more personal and more on the cultural values of the group members during the storming stage have now converted to more constructive criticism that resulted in more positive outcomes not only for the different members of the group to solve different problems but also helped in better accomplishment of the group's goals and objectives (Gersick, 1988). Truly, every member members of the group was experiencing the team spirit and positive norms were evolving with the passage of time. The role of team leader was crucial at this stage as she provide constructive feedback to different members of the group. The feedback provided was more descriptive and to point. As sound communication channels were already developed within the group each members of the group carefully listen to the feedback and they were allowed to ask for the clarification (Jackson et al., 1994).
The stage that follows could be termed as performing, which may be referred to as the hallmark of the group development process. During this stage members of the team were having effective relationship with each other and the team was really experiencing the true synergy for which the team was formed (Bullinger et al., 1995). The major emphasize in this stage was on quality of work and the team leaders was doing really hard to utilize the full potential of the different members of the team. Although, in some cases this stage is reached in a very short period of time, however for the present team as it was composed of the diverse members it took some time to reach this stage. Each members of the group was fully aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the different members of the team and at this stage no conflicts were experienced (Bouncken & Winkler, 2008). All the members were now having a very close attachment with the team they were representing and were working with real motivation and spirit to accomplish the team's goals and objectives.
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