2017-01-15 07:47

From the presentation it means that management must be prepared to create and seize opportunities, manage complex project in cross culture and implement competitive initiative in culture and language that are remarkably different from your own. It means you must work with new partners and unfamiliar teams to expand your vision across boarder and ocean. Most of all it means that you can achieve business success simultaneously in the Middle East, Far East and the United State as long as one knows how to integrate entirely different set of value orientation. Exhibitor at a trade show could not understand why Chinese visitors were not stopping by their booths. Workers were wearing green hats and were using them as given away. They later learned that for many Chinese green hat is associated with identity, the Chinese expression “He wears a green hat” indicate that a man’s wife has been cheating on him. They discard green hat and gave coffee mug and T- shirt they had a no of Chinese visitors At a Washington firms a group of Japanese business men who came for a meeting on a Friday a room full of casually dressed people they made a hasty retreat believing they had the wrong office

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