2017-06-18 23:42

Alternative Assessment Strategy: One alternative assessment strategy I think could be an introduction of a 'Marketing Game' this is a 'Living' case, where the students learn about a situation, evaluate opportunities, develop a strategy and make marketing plan decisions. I feel the innovative nature of this game, complements the students knowledge in decision making, which is also supported through the lectures. The students spend a lot of time doing research, swot analysis, evaluating their strategies and making informative decisions. The game gives the participants the opportunity to analyze markets and target market needs. The purpose of the game is to equip the students with the information necessary to make decisions in a number of strategy decision areas including developing an integrated marketing plan to meet your target market's needs and earn a profit for the firm. So from the outcome of this game, I would know which student was able to analyse the market and make profits compared to the others. My suggestion is to replace one group presentation with this marketing game.the only disadvantage would be to purchase the licence for the software, it has to be installed at all campuses in the IT lab and it has to be updated regularly, which is an extra financial commitment to the department's budget.