市场营销案例 Case Analysis代写:产品提升

2017-01-05 23:38


The organization could engage in different R&D activities where efforts could be directed towards how to boost the product's image in terms of health and nutrition benefits. Consumers across the country are becoming health and nutrition conscious and the firm could utilize this by further investing in its brands by augmenting its brands in terms of health and nutrition benefits and adding value through organism. The organization could build its suppliers network that could enable the firm to better focus its activities in the yogurt industry and solve the dilemma of stock outs during the peak. By investing in the promotion and better communication activities, Nestlé could add further value to the Ski brand and help the brand to enjoy premium advantage in the market. The firm could introduce more fruit flavors that could further strengthen the firm's position in the market. 

市场营销案例 Case Analysis代写:产品提升
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