HR Assignment代写:资源基础观

2017-01-19 11:17

笔者在文章中基本上是在资源基础观的基础上建立了自己的论点,强调了整合资源观和组织追求的经营战略的重要意义。由于这个原因,作者的论点可以描述上由于有一些继承的弱点在资源基础观点提出了不同的人力资源理论作为他们中的大多数人都忽略了外部环境因素的影响(boselie &保维,2004)。然而在(2010),在这篇文章中认为,组织的成功取决于竞争优势,可以利用的战略方式企业所拥有的人才来完成。但从来没有少,与资源基础观;作者认为,人力资源的企业组织具有战略将包括调整企业组织的人力资源战略,根据企业战略的企业追求组织(莱特等,2001)。管理层成功地完成了预期的整合,可以更好地满足其长期的目标和目标,并能有效地实现其使命和其他长期目标和目标。

HR Assignment代写:资源基础观

Essentially, the author in these articles has build his argument on the basis of the resource based view and stressed the significance of integrating the resource based view with the business strategy that the organization has been pursuing. Due to this reason the author arguments could be described superior due to the fact that there were some inherited weaknesses in the resource based view presented by different HR theorists as most of them have ignored the influence of external environmental factors (Boselie & Paauwe, 2004). However Inyang (2010), in this article has argued that the success of the organization depends on the competitive advantage that could be accomplished by using the human talent possessed by a business organization in strategic manner. But never the less, unlike the resource based view; the author has argued that the strategic use of human resources possessed by business organization will include aligning the human resource strategies of business organization according to the business strategy pursued by the business organization  (Wright et al., 2001). It the management are successful in accomplishing the desired integration, it could better meet its long-term goals and objectives and could effectively realize its mission and other long-standing goals and objectives. 

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