IT Assignment 代写:赛马场的程序

2017-04-27 01:13

IT Assignment 代写:赛马场的程序
 Reading racetrack procedures follow a form of CTD, each child is given a set of Dolch or sight words and allowed to study and practice them until ready. When they are ready the researcher would give them the track and say, "Get Ready, Go!" The researcher would keep track of the number of words by placing marks on their racetrack. After one minute the researcher would say stop and place a star on the last word read. The child and researcher would then count the number of words and the child would write on a data sheet the amount. The researcher would also count the number of incorrect words and the child would record them on the data sheet. After completion of recording the researcher would use a "model, lead, test, retest" direct instruction to teach, review or correct words that the child had problems with. Model, lead, test, retest procedures are: Model- correct pronunciation of the word; Lead- saying the word with the child; Test- child repeats word; Retest- repeating word several times. The child remains on the same track until they can do 90 words correct in one minute or the cycle of racetracks ends This procedure is used for both racetrack one and two. A final posttest is conducted on the original Dolch word list used as the baseline for the racetrack 
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