2017-01-11 07:25

From the perspective of cultural orientation, when doing business, management need to take a look of the language which can significantly assist in determining appropriate strategy for effective cross culture interaction, collaboration, integration personnel and the organizational adaptation. Each dimension need to recognize an important aspect of social life, to be something to which any socio-cultural environment give its members a basic orientation as the shares rationale for behaviour and has practical value to management, leaders, in fact anyone who needs to reconcile, integrate or transcend cultural difference in order to obtain desired outcome.
According to the description above, ten dimensions are determined, they are environment, time, action, communication, space, power, competitive, structure and thinking. Environment indicates how individual view and relate to the people, object and issue in their sphere of influence. Time indicates how individual perceive the nature of time and it uses. For example, in France, being on time is a sign of courtesy; in Britain, time is more important than any country in the world; in Germany, time is vital since they are polite and reserves. Being two minutes late is an insult to a German manager.  Action indicates how individual view action and interaction. Communication indicates how individual express themselves. Space indicates how individual demarcate their physical, psychological space. For example people stand apart in Canada when communicating. The person in Latin America or the Far East stand space is two feet distance .Japanese has a “do not touch attitude” culture avoid standing close and avoiding eye contact. where as in Mexico closeness is etiquette  while conversing and sometimes touching the other person clothing or arms is acceptable .avoid stepping back, this indicate you are not friendly.  Power indicates how individual view different power relationship .for example France does not accept woman in business .however business women feel free to invite a French man to launch and pay the bill. Germany makes the male dominant. Female has little position in business. Competitiveness indicates how individual are motivated .for example in china it is collective where as in some western it is one man show. Structure indicates how individual approach change, risk, and uncertainty. Thinking indicates how individual conceptualize things.