新西兰代写Assignment 经济的新程序

2016-12-18 11:01



新西兰代写Assignment 经济的新程序

During the interview, I got that Mr. Li’s the day in the life in the 1980s. He got up at 6:30am and turn on the radio to listen to some new program about economic. At 9:00am, he rode a bike to office and made a cup of tea, then started to read the newspapers for news of economic.At 7:00pm, he got home and watch TV for leisure. Compared with his life in 21th century, from the questionnaire of appendix-2, we can see the effect of media convergence of newspapers on Mr.Li’s everyday life. Now he lives in the era of media convergence which has been affecting his life. First, the platform of getting information is transforming from the unitary model to the multiple models; Before, you can only read newspaper to get the news what you want quickly. Now, also you can read newspaper to get news as its authority, but you have more access to get news than before, like newspaper of on-line version, Internet, mobile phone and etc. Second, the platform of communication is transforming from one to multiple ways.Before, telephone and mail is the only way, but now, there are many ways around your life, like e-mail, MSN, Skype, Google Talk, Meebo and etc.
On the other hand, we can see that newspaper still has a place in the current society--- even with the advent of social and digital media---if the industry can recreate the sense of community it once had. News organizations are trying to find their footing once again. To do this, they must establish methods for modern news reporting. This study has shown that newspaper can uses its printed version and on-line version content to reach its readers. However, the process need to be refined to secure the future on the journalism, both print and online. That’s to say, news is no longer one-dimensional. Newspaper can’t exist in its original form. Rather, it must transform into something all together different.The key is the media convergence in the form of community. Each form of media interacts and communicates with its audience in a slightly different way. Newspapers must redefine its voice and communication strategies.