Nursing Assignment代写 女孩身高

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Nursing Assignment代写 女孩身高

However, shorter females are more likely to be described as cute or perky, which often have positive connotations.  As such, female participants in this study, who reported their average heights as 65.00 inches in the BPL group, and 65.09 inches in the control group, likely accounts for the lack of difference, because females likely identify with the normative descriptions, which could be said to be not too different, in terms of height.
Again, though, an analysis of weight between the groups shows a statistically significant difference between two conditions, wherein the mean of weight in the bogus pipeline condition is larger in comparison to the control condition.  Such a result may reflect that participants perceived it to be socially normative, that is, heavier people are generally considered less attractive, particularly when they are shorter.  As well interestingly, the difference found in the mean weights between the groups was 14 pounds, which is very similar to the difference between Americans’ average self-reported weight (176 lbs) and their ideal weight (161 lbs), which is approximately 15 pounds
(Brown, 2013).  Such findings would seem to speak to the external validity and generalizability of the results, although experimenters are mainly concerned with internal validity, or making sure that the manipulations devised reflect the theories being examined (Sundar, 1999).  
Different levels of stigma attached to height and weight may explain the discrepancy between findings for each attribute.  That is, heavier or shorter individuals can carry social stigmas that regard matchmaking, because they can be perceived to play an important role in social statuses such as men’s “financial capacity, ambition, industriousness, cues to resource acquisition” (Buss, 1989, p.12), and, as such, those attributes can be seen as opposing reproductive goals of males and females (Gangestad & Buss, 1993). Compared to discrimination against shorter individuals, heavier people may lead to a more disadvantage social position.