珀斯Assignment代写 保护股东的财富

2016-12-16 07:24



珀斯Assignment代写 保护股东的财富

Throughout the analysis above, it is clear that agency theories are mainly focused on protecting the profits of the shareholder, however, the theories which are protecting the wealth of shareholders may not protect the profits of stakeholders, this leads to the development of stakeholder theories (Andrew, 2006). In a broader view, stakeholders are organizations or persons that have direct interests to this company, including environmentalists, government, shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and local communities. The stakeholder theories believe that the best way to achieve a long term prosperity and development is taking all of the stakeholders into consideration and meeting their needs, therefore, when the broad is making the commercial decisions, the members of broad need to satisfy different groups of stakeholders, otherwise stakeholders will have a negative impact on the management of the whole corporation (Michael, 2005).
For example, the 2008 Chinese milk scandal about a food safety incident. This company was Sanlu Group Co, Ltd. Chinese newspaper had reported about 300,000 persons suffered from this accident in total. There are six infants died from kidney stones and other kidney damage with about 54,000 babies being hospitalized. The chemical gives the appearance of higher protein content when added to milk, leading to protein deficiency in the formula. In a separate incident four years prior, watered-down milk had resulted in 13 infant deaths from malnutrition. With the expansion of the influences of this scandal, the Sanlu was purchased by Sanyuan Group in the end (Song, 2009).