2017-10-11 02:07

我开始讲述不同类型的故事,让孩子更好地理解故事应该是怎样的。给孩子讲故事可以通过给他们介绍不同的语言和叙述风格,比如故事的开场白、高潮和结尾来增强他们的语言能力(怀特海,2010)。我给孩子自由选择什么样的故事,她还想写我们都同意写一个虚构的故事,灵感来自电影“冻结”根据孩子的兴趣作为从业者应该支持孩子写他们感兴趣的东西(DFE,2012a)。她可以毫无困难地开始策划她的故事,但她在使用平板电脑时遇到了问题。起初,孩子很难在平板电脑上使用这个应用程序,但我没有立即帮她。我给了她自己探索设备的时间,经过几次反复试验和一些指导,她成功地导航了设备。根据蒙台梭利法的控制误差,儿童学习他们误以为自己可以帮助他们发展技能和知识更熟练地为他们的自信和自尊的增加 在讲述这个故事的过程中,我扮演了这个角色,当孩子在继续这个故事时遇到困难时,我用了一个开放式的问题,比如“如果有人给了你什么,你应该怎么说?”“那女孩感觉怎么样?”“皮亚杰认为,一个教育者的角色是帮助孩子来认识自己和问问题而不是告诉答案,这样可以提高孩子的理解和词汇(张伯伦,2014;科技公司,N,D)。孩子想在她的故事中加入幻想元素,雪人有说话的能力。鼓励孩子的想象力可以提高他们的社交技能,提高他们学习或获得识字能力的信心。
I started telling different types of stories to give the child a better understanding on how a story should be. Telling stories to children can enhance their language learning by introducing them to different languages and narrative styles such as the stories’ prologue, climax and epilogue (Whitehead, 2010). I gave the child the freedom to choose what kind of story she wanted to write and we both agreed on writing an imaginary story inspired by the movie ‘Frozen’ according to the child’s interest as practitioners should support children to write about things that interest them (DfE, 2012a). She was able to start planning her story without much difficulties but she faced problem in using the tablet. At the beginning, the child had a hard time trying to use the application in the tablet but I did not help her immediately. I gave her the time to explore the device herself and after a few trial and error and some guidance, she managed to navigate the device successful. As accordance to the Montessori Method ‘control of error’, children learning from their mistake themselves can help them to develop a skill and knowledge more proficiently as their confidence and self-esteem increased
Throughout the process of illustrating the story, I took up the role When the child had difficulties in continuing the story, I used open ended question like “What should you say if someone gave you something?” and “How did the girl felt?” According to Piaget, the role of an educator is to aid the children to come to their own understanding and asking questions instead of telling the answers and this could improve children’s comprehension and vocabulary (Chamberlin, 2014; Teachnology Inc, n,d). The child wanted to incorporate fantasy element in her story where the snowman has the ability to talk and I strongly agreed. Encouraging children’s imagination can develop their social skills and improve their confidence in learning or acquiring literacy skill