2017-01-28 00:31

珀斯代写assignment:网上零售 如果你也需要论文指导请联系我们写作客服!

The online retailing in different parts of the world has been gaining significance, however its use in the grocery and foods items may be regarded as a new concept. Ocado, which has structured its business model in a unique manner, however such unique business model has seized to provide the firm with a competitive edge, rather the firm till now has not been able to come up with positive after tax profit (Bond, 201). This is because the grocery and foods market is very price sensitive as well as the competition in the market is very tense. The way out for Ocado be to work for the accomplishment of competitive advantage which should be sustainable that could enable the business organization to accomplish its long-term goals and objectives. (SBA, 2012) The two strategies that the organization is presently using including cost leadership and differentiation has seized to provide the organization with the competitive advantage, and the careful analysis of the situation and market factor reveal that the way out could the use of focused differentiation. If the organization also get failed in accomplishing the desired growth uses the focused differentiation strategy, the way out could then be to use some combination strategy where the firm could integrate with another firm having store environment business.