2017-02-11 15:39

由于B方广泛用于食品的目的,应该以B方本身的成分或含量的一些研究来确保人类的消费是安全的。B.螺生活在那样的地方,海滩,可以消耗或吃重金属来自附近的行业可能成为有害人类消费。这个实验就可以证明或如果实验结果表明它是有肉的重金属被认为对人体无害的小数量,确保消费安全B.象牙凤螺之。 人体重金属中毒是由软组织中重金属的蓄积造成的。在人体内存在一定程度的重金属,不会给人体健康带来任何健康问题。在这项研究中,在B螺肉的重金属水平预计将发现探讨他们的水平低于可接受的量。重金属的浓度和暴露时间,使金属的许多有毒物质会积聚在器官建立毒性作用。当他们出现在一定的水平,甚至是至关重要的元素是至关重要的生活,可能会导致器官功能丧失或死亡(公司,1996)。 这个决定B. areolata已经成为饲料制备成分之一的潜力也很重要。如果B. areolata是安全食用的,它也可以成为饲料生产的原料。


Since B. areolata are widely used for the food purpose, there should some study on the composition or content of the B. areolata itself in order to ensure it was safe for the human consumption. The B. areolata lives in place like beach and may consume or eat on heavy metal that comes from nearby industry which may become harmful when human consume it. This experiment then can prove or can ensure the safety of B. aerolata for the consumption if the result of the experiments shows it flesh was having small quantity of the heavy metal which was deemed harmless to human.
Heavy metal poisoning in human was resulted from the toxic accumulation of heavy metals in soft tissues. There was some level of heavy metal that permitted in the human body which would not give any health problems to the human health. In this study, the level of the expected heavy metal in the flesh of B. areolata will be discover to investigate whether their level was below the acceptable amount. The concentration of the heavy metal and exposure time make the metal’s toxic effects establish in an organ as many toxicants tend to be bio accumulate. When they occur at certain levels, even essential elements that are critical for life, may lead to loss of organ function or death (Goyer, 1996).
This determination also important as B. areolata has the potential to become one of the ingredients for the feed preparation. If B. areolata was safe for human consumption, it also can become the ingredients for the feed production.