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然而,在这次讨论中,我们应该记住,战争的决定是由布什政府独家决定的,托尼·布莱尔在向英军入侵之前用尽了每一个可用的外交选择。柯蒂斯(1995:146)细节的准‑神话的“特殊关系”最终决定行动的英国的过程中应变。 “共同的盎格鲁‑美国支持排序的关键事务的联合国和地区,往往与暴力,他们的设计得到了一致的时代特征,二战后。美国坚决支持英国在肯尼亚的行动,马来亚、英属圭亚那,科威特,约旦和其他地方,和它的一部分成为英国电力轨道主要是根据美国“宙斯盾”的小伙伴。这一角色通常被视为世界上最重要的美国对外侵略的支持者。[ 1 ] 因此,仅仅是华盛顿的战略需要是什么被称为盎格鲁‑美国的行动,但应该认识到,两国都遵循着大致相同的国际关系理论,即现实主义的追求作为对外政策理论的主导范式(事实上,作为一个岛国,英国是一个在国际现实主义的实践主要的例子)。因此,把美国视为决定参加伊拉克战争的决定性因素,在这项研究中的作用比任何个人分析的角色都要突出得多,这是一个在国际关系领域再也不能被认为是主要参与者的国家的角色。这是审慎的,然后,首先尝试定义现实主义,并通过历史追溯其成因,以便看看它是如何被解释为2003伊拉克入侵的核心思想因素。


It should be remembered throughout this discussion, however, that the decision to go to war was taken exclusively by the Bush administration and that Tony Blair exhausted every available diplomatic option before committing British troops to the invasion. As Curtis (1995:146) details, the strain of the quasi‑mythical ‘special relationship’ ultimately dictated the UK’s course of action.“Mutual Anglo‑American support in ordering the affairs of key nations and regions, often with violence, to their design has been a consistent feature of the era that followed the Second World War. The United States firmly supported British actions in Kenya, Malaya, British Guiana, Kuwait, Jordan and elsewhere, and for its part Britain became the junior partner in an orbit of power predominantly under American aegis. This role included generally acting as the world’s most significant supporter of US aggression abroad.Therefore, much of what has been termed Anglo‑American action is merely Washington’s strategic imperative, though it should be understood that both nations follow broadly similar international relations doctrine, namely the pursuit of realism as the dominant paradigm in foreign policy theory (indeed, as an island, the UK is one of the primary examples of international realism in practice). The examination of the USA as the determining factor in going to war in Iraq will thus feature far more prominently in this study than any individual analysis of the role of the UK, a country that can no longer be considered a principal actor within the sphere of international relations. It is prudent, then, to first attempt a definition of realism and to trace its genesis through history, so as to see how it might be construed as the central ideological factor in the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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