2017-01-14 08:17


Social cultural factors: West of the Great Dividing Range in Australia, there are many great black deep groove, here is the country's largest coal producing. Local government coal as their pride, coal is the basis of long-term prosperity. Producing mines in Australia than production the mine economically developed regions, coal and ore tremendous benefits to the people, is supported. However often been protests from environmentalists and supporters of renewable energy, more and more protesters and nationalists gathered in protest against the government's economic policies.
Other sectors of the economy, such as tourism and the domestic manufacturing industry is not so lucky, they are subject to the adverse impact of the appreciation of the Australian dollar. For both the pace of development of the economy combined with high prices of different cognitive Australians has prompted widespread concern that the country is in the brink of collapse.
Most of Australia's population lives in the east and south, and the Aurizon service object in the west and north; addition, the major cities of Australia will be a large-scale expansion of transport systems will be the company's freight impact. The other focus of transportation issues, such as urban road congestion.
Technological Factors: Compared with other modes of transport, rail freight main drawback is the lack of flexibility. The advantage is that it is cheap transport volume.  Many railway systems have been opened computer scheduling, which helps to add more trains. The high cost of the construction of railways and train maintenance, how to improve efficiency, reduce costs companies need to consider the issue. Kunlan Shi flood losses caused to the company, and also to improve the ability to resist natural disasters request. On the other hand, competitors of new technologies on Aurizon threat,Pacific National Coal, the coal haulage division of Asciano Limited, $ 1.1 million worth of new train facilities, greatly enhancing the safety and reliability. The Australian railway in the world belongs to the advanced level. The progresses of competitors urge Aurizon accelerate technology development, technology updates to improve efficiency, enhance reliability.

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