management assignment代写:资生堂

2017-01-30 00:53


management assignment代写:资生堂

On the basis of discussion carried out in the paper, the writer of this paper believe that Shiseido has been actively capitalizing its differential advantage in the market and has positioned itself on the basis of the most innovative and quality cosmetics producing company that has been consistently involved in the R&D activities to better satisfy customer's need and wants. In addition, the organization has been communicating the product benefits in an exceptional manner that has given Shiseido the top of the mind position resulting in brand equity for Shiseido. The writer of this paper believe that due to organization's superior strategic planning and implementation the organization has been effectively and efficiently realizing its long-term goals and objective. Although the organization is actively capturing growth potential, the writer believes that Shiseido should also consider availing the cost advantage in the market. The competitive edge that the organization will get in the form of low-cost producer and high differentiation will enable Shiseido to better accomplish its long-term goals and objectives and avoid the threats that the organization could confront in the future.