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2020-11-30 15:12

支持人员的部署和影响报告的一个令人惊讶的发现是,他们发现得到最多助教支持的学生比那些很少或没有支持的学生进步得更少。报告还明确指出,问题不在于助教们自己,而在于他们所接受的培训和如何被部署。这似乎是全纳教育规定中反复出现的主题。Florian和Rouse(2010)认为“全纳教育的不确定性部分可以解释为对教师在全纳教育环境中工作的准备和支持方式关注不足”。通过在培训阶段发展包容性的实践来指导所有的老师和助教,这将从一开始就巩固包容性。然而,在最新的Ofsted报告(2017)阿曼达Spielman担心,在过去八年的儿童数量与EHCP指定他们的需求但没有收到规定,增加了,所以需要训练有素的支持人员是至关重要的特别是有许多父母努力支持他们的孩子需要,把改革完全相左。教育捐赠基金会(2016)的一份指导报告指出,助教的有效使用与学生的积极成果之间的正相关关系表明,有很好的新证据表明助教可以显著提高学生的成绩。SENCO的作用应该是确保整个学校对所有SEN学生进行正确的培训和人员部署。有效的助教干预确保学生发展自主学习技能,高质量的一对一支持使用结构化的干预,并通过CPD和培训实施EEF TA-小学生互动脚手架框架。
澳洲社会学代写 培训阶段
A surprising find of the deployment and impact of support staff report DISS is they found that the pupils receiving the most TA support made less progress than those with little or no support.  The report also made it clear that it was not the TAs themselves at fault but the training they received and how they were deployed.  This seems to be a recurrent theme in inclusive education provision.  Florian and Rouse (2010) believed “that the elusiveness of inclusive education can be partly explained by the insufficient attention that has been paid to ways in which teachers are prepared and supported to work in inclusive settings”.  Coaching all teachers and TAs to deal with SEND students by developing inclusive practice at the training stage, will underpin inclusion from the beginning.  However, in the latest Ofsted report (2017)  Amanda Spielman raised concerns that in the last eight years the number of children with an EHCP designating their needs but receiving no provision, has increased, so the need for trained support staff is paramount especially as there are many parents fighting to get the support their child needs, being completely at odds to the SEND reforms. Looking at the positive correlation between the effective use of support staff and positive outcomes for students, a guidance from the Education Endowment Foundation (2016), states there is good emerging evidence that TAs can provide noticeable improvements to pupil attainment. The role of the SENCO should be to ensure correct training and staff deployment throughout the school for all the SEN students. Effective TA interventions ensure student’s develop independent learning skills, high quality one to one support using structured interventions and implement the EEF TA-pupil interaction scaffolding framework through CPD and training.
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