迪肯 assignment代写:帮会的性质

2017-03-10 13:36

在英国因为帮会的性质是根据因素,如年龄、居住地、教育考勤或平坦的地区,即通过桑德的[ 1 ]的研究显示,伦敦警方无法对彩色岗的定义相关联,即称为岗适当,而团伙是多元的和复杂的,即模糊关联的男孩,组合在一起,构成犯罪的行为。[ 2 ]此外还有另一个数据源有关的团伙,斯泰尔弗克斯[ 3 ]这是基于数据从警方收集整个英国的信仰就是警察相信被团伙成员。结果是更多的变化,远离刻板的形象由美国和大曼彻斯特警察部队的描绘,它是计算66%的团伙是白人,25%是多元的,只有9%是少数单一种族集团[ 4 ],而团伙主要是男孩12岁到20,谁是已知的。息息相关,这些团伙是反社会的行为;然而,成员主要是敏感的男孩,受到同侪压力和幻灭在他们的学校和休闲生活,他们加入帮派很酷。此外,如果男孩被孤立在学校教师作为捣乱者这导致这些男孩团伙,反叛教育系统不出席,如果他们出席造成问题的恐惧和愤怒。这是许多刚形成的基本历史,如果一个人认为黑人街头帮派的源头在美国,这是由他们的分离在50,通过刑事司法系统的60年代和70年代。这在英国很容易发生在男生课堂上,也就是说课堂上的动作是出于恐惧和愤怒。

迪肯 assignment代写:帮会的性质

In the UK because the nature of gang membership is according to factors, such as age, area of their residence and educational attendance or level, i.e. as the study made by Sander’s[1] revealed the Police in London were unable to associate with the definition of the colourized gang, i.e. known as gang proper, rather gangs were multi-cultural and complex, i.e. vague associations of boys that grouped together and committed criminal act.[2] In addition there is another source of data concerning gangs which is Stelfox[3] which is based upon data collected from police forces throughout the UK on the beliefs of whom police officers believe were gang members. The result was a lot more varied and was farther away from the stereotypical image portrayed by the US and Greater Manchester Police forces, where it was computed that 66% of gangs were of the white majority, 25% were multi-cultural and only 9% were of a minority single race group[4], rather gangs were primarily boys from the age of 12 through to 20, who were known truants. Closely tied to these gangs is anti-social behavior; however the members were primarily impressionable boys that were subjected to peer pressure and disillusionment in their school and leisure life that they joined the gang to be cool. In addition if boys are being isolated in schools be teachers as trouble makers this causes these boys to gang up, rebel against the education system by not attending and if they do attend causing problems out of fear and anger. This is basic history of many gang formations, if one considers the source of black street gangs in the USA, which arose from their isolation in the 50, 60s and 70s by the criminal justice system. This is easily the occurrence in the UK in respect boys in the classroom, i.e. there actions are out of fear and anger to their treatment in the classroom.