美国代写assignment 人力资源风格

2017-01-10 06:24

As there are differences between the HR style suitable in China where the headquarter of the firm is located and UK, where the subsidiary of the firm will be located, the issue should be resolve in the initial stage (Rhinesmith, 2008). The difficulties that the organization encounter could be attributed to the fact that human resource management philosophies has not been well-developed in China and usually no strategic significance is attached with the HR. This is essentially resulted in a very short-term approach towards the human resource management; however in case of UK the conditions that the organization may be confronted with will be much more different (Francessco & Gold, 2005). This is due to the fact that the people management philosophies of the two countries are different from each other due to the fact that finding the right people for a job in China is not a big problem in both the skilled levels as well as the unskilled labor. However, this is the problem in UK where organizations are increasingly finding it extremely difficult to find out individuals having the desired skills due to demographic changes affecting the country.
In addition, most of the organizations belonging to China usually have a centralized structure where decisions are made at the top level of the organization and implemented by the middle and lower level management. However, this is not the case with UK, the subsidiary country where empowerment and decentralization is the call of the day. This essentially influenced the people management approach and the training and development strategy of the organization operating in the two countries (Haier, 2012). For example, the training and development activities in China are directed towards the implementation of the decision and employee are training on the how to devise the operational plans and strategies. On the other hand, in UK employees operating on different levels of organization are provided consistent training and development how to undertake the whole tasks, from strategic plans till the implementation of such decisions.
Moreover, the reward system used in headquarter of the organization is different from the rewards system used in the subsidiary country. For example, in UK the rewards that are most widely used include straight salary, commission, bonuses, free benefits and employee stock options etc (Clements & Jones, 2008). The salary component is usually fixed while the other factors depend on the performance of individual employees within the organization. On the other hand, in case of China although the same components are offered however, emphasize is different. In China the range of wage and salary is narrow while emphasize on the benefits are more, however such benefits are not tied exclusively towards the performance of individual employee (Cartwright, 2007). In addition, the performance appraisal system used in the two countries are different, for example in UK the performance appraisal is in the form of two way communication, however in China mostly the performance appraisal is based on way communication where the subordinate are not given the chance to explain his or her position. 

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